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Higher education is a yardstick by which the progress of every nation is measured. Today, as India stands at the doorstep of a most exciting future replete with possibilities of unprecedented growth and development, higher education stands out as the pivotal variable – a factor that all of us as responsible citizens have the good fortune to impact. Today, industry, academia and the general society, all need to join hands to share each other’s expertise, enthusiasm and commitment to make a truly skilled, progressive and responsible Indian citizenry a reality. In keeping with this spirit, Shri Khushal Das University, Hanumangarh, has focused on providing wholesome, relevant education to its students in an environment that inculcates values, mutual respect and cooperation. In this day and age where an aspirant and his parents have to worry about the course of study, the learning environment, the quality of guidance, the relevance of the program to the outside world, and the wholesomeness of the living environment, it is our firm belief that the best of each of these worlds is present in our beautiful lush green campus.

Prof. Satish Kumar Rai
Dean, Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Member Academic Council
Shri Khushal Das University, Hanumangarh

Ex. Professor & Head (Retd.)
Department of Political Science

Ex. Director
Nehru Study Centre

Ex. Visiting Faculty Professor
Department of Political Science
Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth

"Hard work has no substitute, only hard work gives best Reward"

The Shri Khushal Das University Hanumangarh is the First University in Hanumangarh City, which provide Degree with Job Oriented Talent. This is the hard work of the entire team, comprising of management & faculty members.
Technical Challenges and expectations of the market need sound Technocrats and managers. We aim to provide quality Education to the students, which help them to face the world with confidence. We also aim to provide appropriate and healthy environment to faculty and students so that the focus is entirely on studies and technological growth.Separate Girls and Boys hostels are located inside the campus. High priority is given to the safety and security of girl students. We aim to provide a home away from home to each student.I am confident that Shri Khushal Das University Hanumangarh will soon reach a degree of excellence due to the Vision of the management, dedicated faculty and hard working students. I wish a very prosperous career graph for the students.

Pooja Juneja
Member Academic Council
Shri Khushal Das University, Hanumangarh

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to Shri Khushal Das University, Hanumangarh. “Education is drawing out the best in man – mind, soul and spirit, it implies the development of the 3’H’s Head, Heart and Hand. The main function of education is to guard the social heritage and educational values. For this the educators should carry out their ethical responsibilities. Therefore Teacher Education courses should aim at training of the body, mind and spirit." Teachers role in the new millennium has become multifaceted and challenging. Teachers are nation builders. You will need to cultivate social, moral and spiritual values in children. Your role as facilitators for social transformation will require you to develop in children nationalism and internationalism; prepare them to be global citizens; develop in them self learning skills and ICT skills and develop in them high emotional and spiritual quotient. Keeping in view these factors, our university aim is to develop the spirit of an individual to take the real world issues and the potential to transform them into teachers of tomorrow. The learning atmosphere in the Shri Khushal Das University Hanumangarh, helps the student to enrich by an array of academic, co-curricular and curricular inputs in the form of core practice teaching simulation teaching, seminar, tutorials, workshops, research project link Internship & ICT training etc. The main objective of education i.e. all round development of student’s personality has to be hazardously achieved through the excellent institutional infrastructural and technical facilities by the eligible and efficient staff members.

Dr. Vikram Singh Aulakh
Dean, Faculty of Education
Prof. & Head Deptt. of Education
Shri Khushal Das University, Hanumangarh

I feel honoured to welcome you to Shri Khushal Das Univerity, Hanumangarh. The University is progressive to carve a niche with its policies, programmes and pedagogical innovations for quality teaching and research. In its academic endeavor it has significantly achieved a landmark in terms of infrastructure, laboratory, research apparatus, faculty recruitment procedural tasks, along with incorporation of innovative courses being offered presently. It is the priority of the University to establish linkages with reputed organisations at national and international level for the exchange of ideas and collaborative cutting-edge research. Besides, University is conscious of its vision to create student-centric and participatory academic environment with impetus on multidisciplinary and inter-disciplinary approach in dissemination of knowledge. I believe that the rigours of the contemporary world will require knowledgable professionals who could withstand the dynamics of the fast-changing world. Shri Khushal Das University is going to be fully equipped and motivated to face the challenges and turn out to be successful in the endeavour. To realise our goals we are making all our efforts to build an outstanding infrastructure and recruit dedicated faculty.

Dr. Kovid Kumar
Member Academic Council
Shri Khushal Das University, Hanumangarh