Yoga club

Yoga club organises Yoga classes for the students, faculty and staff of Shri Khushal Das University, Hanumangarh. The students are trained to keep their body and mind fit through yogic postures, asanas, pranayams, transcendental meditation and Rajyoga practice. These classes are arranged in the morning and evening. Interested students, faculty and staff are always encouraged to attend Training is imparted to remain free from anxiety, tension etc and to Inculcate virtues and human values Also therapeutic application of yoga to different diseases like acidity, hypertensis etc. are taught.

Goals of Yoga Club

  • The Yoga Programs are aimed to train students to take up Yoga as a profession.
  • To impart the knowledge about Yoga, its foundations and applications to the aspirants.
  • To promote the awareness for positive health and personality development in the student through Yoga.
  • Instilling and inculcating the general interest and inquisitive knowledge about Yoga for Health, personality development and spiritual evolution.
  • To prepare institutionally trained Yoga professionals to impart Yoga training to all sections of the society.
  • To prepare the graduates in Yoga to study the higher aspects of Yoga Education.


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